Watch Gears Sq

Accurate Estimates Via The Unified Process

Creating accurate, honest estimates can seem near impossible and a tremendous use of time. The good news here is that…

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Trouble Shoot Sq

Website de-bugging process and tips

Trouble shooting or de-bugging most things is not particularly hard, so long as we have a good process in place.…

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Automation Process


I’m a one-man shop and I like it that way. The main drawback here is that my output is seemingly…

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Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Whatever our lot in life, we can obtain more success by continually working on our core competencies. Expanding and refining…

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Competition Vs Collaboration

Competition vs Collaboration

I often hear statements which revolve around the same issue. Both clients and developers complain about the other. Clients will…

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Outcome Based Pricing

Pricing is a common topic of concern; both for the consumer and the supplier. Clients want a fixed price up…

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Preserving Seo

Preserving SEO

I far too often hear “You can’t help but loose SEO when you refresh a site”. This misguided theory is…

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website security

Website Security

Website security concerns everyone. In order to understand how to protect out digital assets, we must understand how hacking works.…

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Website Speed

Websites Should Be Fast

To display a webpage, a device and browser combination must request a file, receive a file from the server, then…

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browser device agnostic

Browser & Device Agnostic

In order to deliver a proper experience to the most users, I rely on a few key principles. Webpages are…

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Understanding Caching

Caching is where something is stored and re-used to prevent it from having to be created or downloaded again. Caching…

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The Joel Test

I stumbled across The Joel Test some time ago. An adaptation from a process a major company developed, the Joel…

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Unified Agile

Agile Development & The Unified Process

The Unified Process The Unified Process was invented by IBM and works well for all kinds of development. You take…

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Priority And Importance


Simple and elegant, the MoSCoW approach fundamentally prioritizes a project's goals. For larger projects, I generally recommend a project MoSCoW…

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The Cone of Uncertainty

Scope creep can eat any development team alive. Understanding the cone of uncertainty helps to nip scope creep in the…

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Cross Browser, Device Compliance & General De-bugging

Delivering a proper and rich experience to every browser and device combination boils down to best practices. Nearly any browser…

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How To Make Internet

How to Make Internet

Understanding how computers render webpages facilitates proper development. There are two general approaches, server side and client side. Both tactics…

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Css Cascading Style Sheets 1

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is the backbone of structuring and styling web pages. CSS relies heavily on knowing the CSS properties and good…

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Php Small

Programming Comments

Technically speaking, comments should be used for planning and reviewing, code description, algorithmic description, resource inclusion or debugging. Often times…

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Know Your Role

Development Roles

These are some basic development roles, as it relates to standard web development. Understanding who does what helps a team…

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Content Management Options Small

Which Content Management System is the Best?

Over the years I have seen countless posts and articles: “This CMS Vs. That CMS”. The common flaw in these…

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Development Tools

Development Resources

Tools are your friend. Validators help de-bug and cross browser check your code, but will also help you become a…

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