Trouble Shoot Sq

Website de-bugging process and tips

Trouble shooting or de-bugging most things is not particularly hard, so long as we have a good process in place.…

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Preserving Seo

Preserving SEO

I far too often hear “You can’t help but loose SEO when you refresh a site”. This misguided theory is…

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website security

Website Security

Website security concerns everyone. In order to understand how to protect out digital assets, we must understand how hacking works.…

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Website Speed

Websites Should Be Fast

To display a webpage, a device and browser combination must request a file, receive a file from the server, then…

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browser device agnostic

Browser & Device Agnostic

In order to deliver a proper experience to the most users, I rely on a few key principles. Webpages are…

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Understanding Caching

Caching is where something is stored and re-used to prevent it from having to be created or downloaded again. Caching…

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The Joel Test

I stumbled across The Joel Test some time ago. An adaptation from a process a major company developed, the Joel…

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How To Make Internet

How to Make Internet

Understanding how computers render webpages facilitates proper development. There are two general approaches, server side and client side. Both tactics…

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