Dr Jim Carr

Dr. Jim Carr

ABA Coding Coalition

Scott was easy to work with in the development of our site. He had great structural ideas and worked extremely fast to get the site up and running. Scott is also extremely responsive in quickly developing solutions to ongoing issues that inevitably arise.



Market Researcher, Corona Insights

Scott has been great to work with, from being responsive to requests to offering ideas for site improvement. His knowledge of WordPress and best practices shows. Our website is stronger as a result of his partnership.



Owner, Diagnostic Ecosystems

I can’t believe how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can be (in today’s tech centric world!), to get a message based website built and hosted for a mid-sized business. Scott broke my project up into manageable pieces, technologically, logistically and financially. Within a week of our first consult, version 1.0 of the site was up, content-ready, and searchable. And I had not yet spent a penny! Scott and SCIW are truly a pleasure to work with, and I cannot recommend them strongly enough, for any size project!

Kristi G


The Video Conference Store

It’s rare to come across talent like Scott possess. He is one of the most creative and strategic thinkers I’ve met! He can work with you to provide a solution to any problem you may encounter. He’s open to any challenge and if he doesn’t have the answer top of mind, he’ll research and come back to you with options that will exceed your expectations. Whether it’s consulting on the big picture of your business or project, or getting into the fine details, he will always come back with facts and ideas to propel you farther than you imagined.

Emma B


Content Strategist, FreshGrade

When we started our website project, we gave Scott the brief that we wanted our WordPress site to look pixel perfect and be easy to update and maintain. Scott worked with our design team to do just that, building not only a website, but also a comprehensive web standards guide and templates that are consistent and simple to reproduce.

We chose a Visual Composer to enable our editorial team to make changes to copy on the fly in layout. Scott went the extra mile to help us understand how to use our new site and talked our development team through launching it. He made himself available to help with any issues post launch and has increased our knowledge of WordPress from absolute beginners to proficient users.

Working with Scott has been an absolute pleasure and we’re thrilled with our new website.



Executive Director at Mirror Image Arts

Working with Scotty is such a dream. He understands the nuanced needs of a small nonprofit, and is always willing to share his knowledge, resources and time in relationship to us achieving our goals. His customer service is extraordinary. We feel safe and taken care of by him. We appreciate him so much, we are looking for ways we can elevate our work together. Thank you, Scott, for your care, support and awesome personality!

Jennifer C


SEO Strategist / SEO Consultant

I can’t say enough good things about Scotty! Because I’m in the SEO field, I’ve worked with dozens of website developers, and he’s the best, by far! He understands SEO and codes sites so that they have the best chance of getting to the top of Google. He’s responsive, easy to work with, and a great communicator. I spent years looking for someone with his skillset and commitment to quality work, and I’m glad I found him. Equally as important, I’m glad that he was flexible enough to work within my budget.


Crawford L.

Founder, Leeds Technologies

It was a pleasure working with Scotty on our new website. He was knowledgeable, accessible, and able to manage changing requirements throughout the project. His work added great value to my business and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Saylor 74


Agile Marketer

Scott is the most talented developer I’ve ever worked with. His patience and grasp of my needs was a welcome relief. As a freelance digital marketer, I need my website to run seamlessly and look perfect at all times. It represents me and my brand to the world, after all! Scott took me from good to STUNNING in just a few hours. Additionally, he sat with me and coached me on how to make and update changes myself, which was incredibly empowering. My limited knowledge of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap wasn’t a barrier at all, and Scott explained everything in a way I could easily understand. In my opinion, he’s the perfect combination of developer and computer scientist. His demeanor is incredibly humble and I will continue to seek his services for my work, as well as refer him to everyone I know!

Marc Z


Owner, Golden Triangle Auto Care

I enjoy working with Scotty because when he says he is going to do something, he does it! My website looks more professional than most other shops websites. I receive a lot of compliments on our website which makes me feel good about what I am doing on the web.

Jinniner D


Graphic & web designer, photographer, and copy-writer, JI[N]YC

My admiration for the range and scope of Scott’s technical prowess along with his commitment to clean and effective design cannot be understated.
As a fellow web developer and designer, I find that he is my #1 go-to resource when I am facing a tricky technical obstacle, or seeking out advice on improving my approaches (both for my own work, and for the work I do for clients). He is not only an amazing customer consultant, but also a fantastic business consultant as well.
He quickly identifies what the area most need of improvement is and then develops a thorough, efficient, and practical solution that is ready to implemented. After Scott performs his magic for you and your company, you can literally watch your metrics/results change for the better, and at a surprisingly quick pace at that! You would be doing yourself, and your company, a huge favor by trusting in Scott’s experience and care with your digital projects

Kevin M


President, Mullin & Associates, LLC

Scotty is a get-it-done kind of web guy. This is important because it is hard to find people who are good at what they do, dependable, and just “get it.” You can give him a project and he not only gets it done, but he handles the little things that so many others miss. If you need someone to help you build/maintain your website you can’t go wrong with Scotty.

Jason 74


Broker/Owner, Uptown Mortgage

Scott has the rare ability to marry design concepts with backend implementation to build websites that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend Scott and the services he provides.

Martha Color 74


Associate / Marketing Manager, Humphries Poli Architects

Scotty is a great individual work with. He has provided our firm the a website design resource that has enabled us to optimize our website in a way we did not think possible. He is friendly, efficient, and thorough and has not encountered an issue with our site which he has not been able to solve and improve upon. Scotty is very talented, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of website optimization!

John 74


Managing Partner, Executive Wealth Planning Partners

Scott took charge of my web marketing project and helped me produce a beautiful site that is powering my innovative financial services offering. The result, WorkWealthy.com, is creating exciting buzz throughout my market. I was impressed with how quickly Scott learned my business and adapted his skills to the financial services regulatory environment.

Kirk 74


Sales and Marketing Manager, Air Squared

It’s taken us a while to find the right website developer who could accomplish what we needed, but finding Scott was well worth the wait. For Air Squared, as with most companies, our website plays a central role in nearly all marketing efforts, so finding the right developer was absolutely critical. By staying engaged, asking questions, and giving suggestions, our vision became his vision. Scott’s as honest as he is talented, with the ability to handle any project large or small.

Testimonial Male


Owner, Johnson Law Firm IA

I am very pleased with the work Scott has done for me. My goals are a little different than people who want lots of traffic. We want targeted traffic and the web site Scotty built for us is very good for that. Scott is very helpful and easy to work with, always answering my questions and helping me to reach my goals for the site and targeting the traffic I want. He also has been very helpful in assisting us in updating the site, keeping it current and making changes.

Julie Mccallen Md

Julie A. McCallen, MD

President, Cenegenics Denver

I have worked with Scotty Starkweather for the past 3 years and it has been a wonderful experience. Scotty recreated my website and turned it from a stale page to a beautiful and dynamic site that nicely explains what we do in our medical practice. Every month or two he came up with new ways to keep things fresh, discussed them with me, and put them into play. Scotty is very direct, optimistic, energetic, and honest. He is extremely responsive and implements new ideas within minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks. I look forward to any chance to work with Scotty in the future – he is a bright breath of fresh air in a business generally weighed down with drama and waste.

Caroline 74


Owner, Wands and Wishes Occasions

As a business owner who relies on our website to drive business, I needed someone who would understand and relate to the importance of our site. Scotty created a fantastic site and was able to take my ideas and turn them into what we needed. We transferred from our old site and he very carefully was able to transfer without loosing any SEO status. He is extremely knowledgeable and I trust him to always give me sound advice. He is always available, and ready to help when anything comes up. He is part of my team of people to help make my business successful and truly a joy to work with.