Owner, Spryberry

Scott is a rock star developer. I can’t believe our lucky stars in finding him. He’s been integral to the success of many of our web development projects and we will definitely be continuing our relationship with him (for as long as he can stand us). Scott has vision. I can put a rough scope in front of him and he can quickly sort through the mess and plan his approach in short order. He quickly assesses a project and can image how various plugins and code can be implemented for a great end product. He’s adaptive to change and works well on the fly. I can put him in front of a client to sort out details and he’s always respectful and precise. He understands that my client is his client and I can confidently trust him to treat them right. We love his confidence and knack for quick problem solving. His work is solid and he’s always looking for ways to improve process. Nothing is a big deal, everything doable. My team loves him.

Melodi Sheppard


Shareholder, essentia WEB WORKS

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott at a very strategic level. His mastery of the web is greatly enhanced by his mastery of business and mastery of self. Scott uses both sides of his brain, asks the right questions, and creates solutions in all realms that produce results. He is a true champion of a more usable web, and a straight up ninja when it comes to systems intelligence. He just has an innate ability to see the big picture at 30,000 feet, while masterfully architecting all the tiny little elements to connect the dots from A-Z. A truly strategic and creative mind, I’d recommend Scott highly to any company looking to reach their highest potential.

Logan H


Creative Director at V3 Media Marketing

Scott is a WordPress / Website Strategy Champion! While working together he has shown me great insights into how best to structure and execute and maintain website projects – with a level of detail and passion that is at a much higher level than I have experienced with others in this field. I highly recommend taking time to get to know Scotty’s work and considering him for your next project.

Jennifer C


SEO Strategist / SEO Consultant

I can’t say enough good things about Scotty! Because I’m in the SEO field, I’ve worked with dozens of website developers, and he’s the best, by far! He understands SEO and codes sites so that they have the best chance of getting to the top of Google. He’s responsive, easy to work with, and a great communicator. I spent years looking for someone with his skillset and commitment to quality work, and I’m glad I found him. Equally as important, I’m glad that he was flexible enough to work within my budget.

Kim K


Past-President, Colorado American Marketing Association

Working with Scotty has been a true pleasure. It is rare to find a developer with the level of marketing and business acumen that he possesses. Scotty doesn’t just provide solid website consultation—he understands the strategic role it plays in the development of your business. To say Scotty is thorough is an enormous understatement. He is far and away the most detail-oriented developer I have ever worked with, and he delivers a product that is both sound and scalable. He is always on the lookout for ways to improve and elevate our technology. Our organization is grateful to have him on our team.

Saylor 74


Agile Marketer

Scott is the most talented developer I’ve ever worked with. His patience and grasp of my needs was a welcome relief. As a freelance digital marketer, I need my website to run seamlessly and look perfect at all times. It represents me and my brand to the world, after all! Scott took me from good to STUNNING in just a few hours. Additionally, he sat with me and coached me on how to make and update changes myself, which was incredibly empowering. My limited knowledge of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap wasn’t a barrier at all, and Scott explained everything in a way I could easily understand. In my opinion, he’s the perfect combination of developer and computer scientist. His demeanor is incredibly humble and I will continue to seek his services for my work, as well as refer him to everyone I know!

Dan Z


Owner, Tracks Advertising

I work with Scott on various accounts pertaining to internet advertising programs. I could not express the value that Scott brings to website development in terms of designing sites that are not only attractive, but convert extremely well for clients. In addition to his design skills, he is additionally an extremely fair, honest and trustworthy person to work with. I highly recommend Scott if you are considering having a new website design that is modern, strongly represents your brand, and performs well in terms of driving more conversions!

Jinniner D


Graphic & web designer, photographer, and copy-writer, JI[N]YC

My admiration for the range and scope of Scott’s technical prowess along with his commitment to clean and effective design cannot be understated.
As a fellow web developer and designer, I find that he is my #1 go-to resource when I am facing a tricky technical obstacle, or seeking out advice on improving my approaches (both for my own work, and for the work I do for clients). He is not only an amazing customer consultant, but also a fantastic business consultant as well.
He quickly identifies what the area most need of improvement is and then develops a thorough, efficient, and practical solution that is ready to implemented. After Scott performs his magic for you and your company, you can literally watch your metrics/results change for the better, and at a surprisingly quick pace at that! You would be doing yourself, and your company, a huge favor by trusting in Scott’s experience and care with your digital projects

Patrick H


Director of MarComm, Jett

I’ve worked with many web developers over the years, and Scotty is by far the most professional, fair and great to work with. He loves to watch everyone succeed, even if they are not a client at the time. Scotty did some small jobs for me a couple years ago, and has kept in touch, supporting any questions and my personal and professional growth ever since. Don’t hire Scotty expecting just a web developer, as he holds himself to a standard that you would expect from someone with stock in your business too.

Aaron T


Strategy, Marketing, and Leadership Consultant

In a time when websites have been commoditized, it’s extremely refreshing to find a craftsman in this space (and exceedingly reassuring, once you hire him). That’s what Scott is: A website craftsman who, while recognizing the prices that the market demands, is driven by an ethic to build something special, proper, safe, and effective. He also has a mind that transcends code and clicks into the other revenue-driving dimensions of marketing. This is a rare kind of value in my experience and it’s really, really hard to find. So rare that I actually find myself feeling anxious to uncover another reason to work with him again.

Ivy 74


VP Strategy, Fusionbox

We’ve relied on Scotty for several projects and he’s fantastic! He is knowledgable, trustworthy, and super easy to work with. We are so glad to have him as a resource.

Ron 74


Front End Engineer, Marketing Technologies Inc.

Known Scott for years. He’s one of the smartest and enthusiastic developers I’ve ever worked with. He’s a digital Einstein. A chef of the cyberspace, if you will, who takes all your vague ideas as ingredients and mixes them up into a virtual masterpiece. If you are looking for a knowledgeable developer who understands many facets of this business such as SEO, marketing, responsive development, User experience, Content Management Systems and teamwork this is the guy.

One of the best and most fun people I’ve worked with. Dude’s seriously smart and energetic. I don’t think he ever sleeps. He’s like an idea factory that works overtime every. single. day. Awesome supervisor, awesome person, drinks a lot of juice. You wanna work with this guy.

Casey 74


Web Developer & Graphic Designer, CASEYLYNdesign

Where do I even begin?! Scotty, is beyond a fantastic developer. Hands down.

He is a wizard at strategically building a website, and is one of the hardest workers I know. He will give you 110% every time, and there is nothing that will get in his way. He will figure out a way to get what you want, and probably do it better than you imagined.

There are very few that can match Scotty’s Skill set.
He is absolutely fantastic to work with!