Scott is a rock star developer. I can’t believe our lucky stars in finding him. He’s been integral to the success of many of our web development projects and we will definitely be continuing our relationship with him (for as long as he can stand us). Scott has vision. I can put a rough scope in front of him and he can quickly sort through the mess and plan his approach in short order. He quickly assesses a project and can image how various plugins and code can be implemented for a great end product. He’s adaptive to change and works well on the fly. I can put him in front of a client to sort out details and he’s always respectful and precise. He understands that my client is his client and I can confidently trust him to treat them right. We love his confidence and knack for quick problem solving. His work is solid and he’s always looking for ways to improve process. Nothing is a big deal, everything doable. My team loves him.